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Nestled at the mouth of the canyon with sweeping views of the Wind River Valley and Absaroka Mountain Range, the Lodge at 3 Spear Ranch is the epitome of Western Romanticism. 

Whether you're gathering the family at the table for a round of cards, cozying up to the fire on the couch, or bellying up to the bar for another round, the Lodge is your Wyoming home away from home.

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The Warm Spring

Northwest Wyoming is the largest area of geothermic activity in the world. 

Here at 3 Spear Ranch, you will find a natural warm spring at the center of the homestead. With water temperatures reaching as high as 85 degrees, the Warm Spring at 3 Spear is the perfect way to enjoy a hot sunny day in relaxation.

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Pool Palace

John Brunswick is world-renowned for his craftsmanship in billiard tables throughout the 1800's. Many of America's greatest minds spent their evenings leaning over a Brunswick table including Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.


3 Spear Ranch's original 1892 Brunswick table is an opportunity to step back in time and challenge opponents in a game of the Old West.    

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