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Enjoy the landscapes and explore some of the world’s most extraordinary natural wonders from the luxury and style of a Jeep Gladiator. An adventurous climb to the top of a mountain reveals over half a million acres of breathtaking views of uncharted wilderness while a quick zip through the forest reveals hidden geyser caves and remnants of historic mountain men who first inhabited the area over a hundred years ago. 

Geyser Tour

High in the mountains, deep in the earth sits one of Mother Nature's most prized wonders: warm spring geyser caves. Surrounded by the remnants of historic mountain men, this never-ending source of pristine water has been the lifeblood of local inhabitants for centuries. Pack your bag with a swimsuit and hiking shoes for this once in a lifetime experience.

4 hours

$440 per 1-4 guests 

plus 20% gratuity

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Kiln Gulch.heic

Ranch & Town Tour

3 Spear Ranch's 1,500 acres of red rock canyons, rolling hills, and rushing waterfalls offer a world all on its own. Enjoy two hours of private lakes and hillsides, touring ancient petroglyphs, and cruising town learning its rich history. Wildlife abounds including elk, antelope, mule deer, big horn sheep, bald eagle and more.   

2 hours

$240 per 1-4 guests 

plus 20% gratuity

Yellowstone & Grand Teton

Private photography tours in Grand Teton and Yellowstone led by Pangea Expeditions

Please inquire about our Wildlife Tour & Horseback Riding Package 

all inclusive price $1,368 per 1-2 guests

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Reconnect with the great outdoors

With over 1,200 acres of wild Wyoming terrain to discover, hiking experiences abound at 3 Spear Ranch.

Independent travelers can take a trail map, a pair of binoculars and a packed picnic lunch before venturing on a self-guided excursion to our myriad of scenic lookout spots. 

Guests can also book a privately guided excursion with one of our in-house experts to learn about the property's fascinating history and ecosystem.


$125 for 1st hour, $60 per hour thereafter

plus 20% gratuity per 1-10 guests 

2 hours

$240 per 1-4 guests 

plus 20% gratuity


One of the most nostalgic pastimes of the Rockies, fly fishing invites you to slow down and connect with the soothing murmur of the river and your surroundings. 

There is plenty of fishing to enjoy right on our 1,200 acres, including two lakes and one stream full of native Wyoming rainbow trout. 

Just a ten minute drive from 3 Spear are myriad rivers including the iconic Wind River. 

Begin your experience with a tutorial on fly selection and some casting lessons. During your excursion you'll learn about the fascinating etymology of fly selection and the various fishing techniques used throughout our changing seasons.

Order a packed lunch to take with you so that you can enjoy hearty rustic sandwiches and home made iced tea on the banks of the river. 

4 Hours

Inquire for rate details

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