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Wellness & Movement

An alpine oasis for spiritual and

physical integration

Greet the day with an invigorating sunrise yoga practice before savoring cold pressed juices and restorative teas. 

After a day of exploring 3 Spear by horseback or on foot, partake in a deep stretching class to sooth worked muscles. 

Drink in our fresh mountain air with a guided al fresco breathwork class, coupled with journaling to help set intentions. 

End your day with candlelight yoga and crystal bowl sound bathing meditation to honor your body, mind and spirit. 

Gentle Yoga Flow

Energize your body and mind with this gentle yet effective flow. This class will focus on basic poses, breath work, stretching and meditation. Calming and centering. Open to all levels.  Intensity: Medium Low

Power Vinyasa

Feel powerful, energetic and ready to take on the world. This class will focus on fluidly moving from one pose to the next while connecting with breath. Vigorous and revitalizing. Open to all levels.  Intensity: Medium High

Yoga Menu

Total Body 

Target every muscle group and get your sweat on! This class promotes full body well being with light dumbbell sets, interval cardio and strength training. Energize and stabilize. Open to all levels. Intensity: Medium High

Mat Pilates

Strengthen and lengthen your body while practicing mindfulness. This class focuses on the core (trunk) muscles while also toning the arms and legs using a mat and exercise bands. A little goes a long way. Open to all levels.  Intensity: Medium

Dance Fit

Dance your heart out with fun and effective cardio. This class features a full warm up, three easy dance based cardio routines, ab workout and a cool down ending with breathe work. Laughter encouraged. Open to all levels. Intensity: High


3 Spear's movement and meditation classes are held in Grandy Cabin, just a 3 minute walk from the main homestead. An expansive space crafted from reclaimed barn wood, this cozy cabin studio invites reconnection with the self and 3 Spear's rich heritage. 

During the warmer months, take your practice beyond the four corners of your mat for an al fresco practice in a scenic spot on the property with views of the Absaroka Mountain Range.

Private 60 Minute Sessions: $110 per 1-4 guests

$15 each additional guest, 10 guest max

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